Environmentally Friendly Waste Collection:​

An incredible choice in keeping the environment clean and green:

environmentally Friendly WASTE COLLECTION:​

An incredible choice in keeping the environment clean and green:

With incredibly environment-friendly solutions, Handy Hut Hire provides an all-around solution to conserve the environment and preserve the natural resources of water. We take great pride in our comprehensive solutions that are in complete compliance with global legalisations and environment-saving standards. From proper waste disposal to employing water conservation techniques, we use chemical-free and eco-friendly materials to exceed your expectations of a “clean and green” waste collection solution. 

We provide you with extensive services, which include waste collection and preservation of natural resources for effective utilisation. We are socially and environmentally responsible in all the offered solutions, designed to benefit the communities we work for. 

What makes us different? 

With portable toilet and recyclable lavatory supplies, we strive to save more than 473 million litres of water every year globally. Where recycled paper adds to conserve natural resources, our eco-friendly and formaldehyde-free detergents and deodorisers add to reducing the impact on the natural environment. Handy Hut Hire is part of NWCP.

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